Monday, 2 September 2013

Awesome new Ecourse that will help you give yourself the love you need x

I'm loving Melbourne's weather at the moment! I got out of yoga this morning at 7:30am and felt like I was in LA! Driving down punt road, with all the cars and sunshine sent me straight back to my fav place ever! I wish I was there now!!!
ANYHOOOOOOO Today I really want to let you know about an awesome new e-course that start's in October, and to show you some of the delights of my up coming ebook!!

Above is a creation I made to take to my sisters for dinner on Friday night- it's a raw vegan mixed berry tart- so fresh and yummy! It will be a shining star in my book- so you'll have to wait a bit to eat it for yourself!

SO..... The E-course I have mentioned is a co creation between Cassie Mendoza-Jones- who's blog 'Elevate Vitality' I love to follow-  and her friend Clare Woodward.... here's a word from Cassie!

In October, my friend Clare Woodward and I are launching the first round of our shiny new e-course called Self Love & Nourishment. We know this course will change how you view yourself, how you treat yourself, love yourself, nurture and nourish yourself, and in turn it’ll change the way you interact with your family, friends and colleagues. All too often I see clients who feel ‘stuck’ in something they don’t like, be it a work situation, an incident involving other people or even just upset at themselves for seemingly being unable to progress. change, reach a goal or move forwards. We are known to self-sabotage ourselves. Many of us probably self-sabotage on a daily basis, without even being aware of it. The SL&N course will open your eyes to ways in which you can learn to start loving and nourishing yourself in beautiful ways. The advice in this post can be used as baby steps to help get you there… and don’t worry, this content won’t be repeated in the course, it’s fresh and just for the EV blog, so if you’d like to jump on board with Clare, myself and everyone else who’s already secured their spot in the course, rest assured you’ll be signing up for so much more juicy inspiration, education and coaching. It’s going to be AMAZING!

BACK TO ME NOW.... (Tegan)
I'm doing a few e-courses at the moment- They're great!! As you may or may not have noticed, I do many things and are always busy with SOMETHING! I can ALWAYS keep up to date with my coureses, they fit into my schedule- which I make up and is different EVERYDAY, plus, the e-courses I'm plugged into at the moment are all for my self growth and self love! It's an awesome thing to do for yourself! The busier you are- probably the more important it is to do a self love course like this.


If you wanna learn more about the course, and/or Cassie, click the link below and head on over to Elevate Vitality- It's a great blog to follow!


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