Tuesday, 17 September 2013

Introducing... SOAP NUTS! Yes, Mother Earth's soap that GROWS ON TREES!


Yep, Mother Earth thought of EVERYTHING when she was getting ready to sustain herself solo. Not only did she create an air filtration system and spounge for pollution (thankyou trees and HUMUS- incredible compost), give us plant foods, water and medicinal weeds, BUT she ALSO made us SOAP!!! yes- soap! And it literally grows on trees!!!

Welcome Soap Nut!

Soap Nuts can be used in both top and bottom loader washing machines for your clothes, they can be used in your dishwasher, or if old fashioned- in the sink for your dishes, AND you can also create liquid soap from the nuts as a general house cleaner, glass cleaner, shampoo, body wash, pest repellant or car wash!!! WWHHHHHHAAATT!!!! Amazing!
Each nut can be re used up to about 6 times, then when they're done- YOU CAN COMPOST THEM!!! Holy shit balls!!

So to recap:
Detergent that grows on trees.
All natural.
Self lathering.
Effective cleansing properties.
Safe & gentle.
Compostable at the end of a long and productive life.

I ordered mine online from www.soapnuts.co.nz - Then I recieved a cutie 50gm pouch of SOAPBERRIES, also known as Washing Nut or Wash Berry, arrives in the letterbox!!

Soap Nuts have a slightly tacky surface due to the natural saponin that coats them. Once they come into contact with water, they create mild suds similar to soap. This soapy substance has remarkable detergent properties, removing dirt and dissolving oils from clothes and other surfaces as good as any supermarket cleaner.

Soap Nuts have been used in India and Nepal for hundreds of years. A lot of people that swear by them, particularly those with sensitive skin, eczema and contact dermatitis from household products!
Plus, they're cheaper than toxic comercial detergents.
At $5.50 for a bag that will last up to 20 wash cycles. 1kg of soapnuts shells can be used for up to 365 loads of laundry - if you do 1 load a day that's 12 cents per load, and cheaper than most other detergents. 


Get on board and grab yourself some SOAPBERRIES



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trishie said...

This is the first i've heard of soap nuts. Sounds really amazing!