Sunday, 15 September 2013

Ideas for using up a glut of fruit x

When shop, I'm always looking for amazing organic food- and a bargain. This can somethimes be a very hard thing, but I do it!
My organic grocer- and most grocers I've been to, usually bag up a heap of fruit and veg just before it's about to spoil- even as it's spoiling, and they sell it for SUPER cheap! YAAY!!

BUT, then you're stuck with a HEAP of fruit and veg that's about to go off........... like in the next day or two.. WHAT TO DO!?

* make MEGA veg juices and top up your body for the day
* chuck into your blender with a few herbs and a bit of coconut water, or nut milk, blend then pour into a ice cube tray and freeze for the moments when you've run out of greens for a smoothie.
* you could even juice and freeze in an ice block tray for the same occasions, or if it's hot and you want a take away juice for the day..... it's will be chilled and ready to drink when you're ready to drink!
* make some awesome, weird and experimental cocktails or mocktails!!

* Pretty everything I just wrote for the veggies.
* chuck the fruit in whole or chopped for future snacks, ice'cream' and smoothies. (for example, at this point in time, I have a massive bag of kiwi fruit, bananas and some mixed berries hanging out in my freezer! mmmmm Mangoes are another goodie!

And if the produce is actually rotten..... COMPOST!!!!! yay to the planet!

Here's a bit of inspiration for using up a HEAP of apples....

I choped up half the apples and popped into my blender with a HEAP of fresh mint, then I juiced the remaining apples with some ginger and a tangello! YUM
Then I poured the juice into the blender and blitzed.
After pouring mix into ice cube trays, I studded them with frozen mixed berries!

FREEZE then eat as icy poles, chuck in smoothies, plop on top of muesli or use as iceblocks for a veggie juice, cocktail/mocktail etc.  

YAY and YUM!


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