Thursday, 29 August 2013

New Superfood (new to me anyway!)

Hi lovely lovelies!

Today I made a really yum and SUPER energizing and healing smoothie with a newly found super food blend!
I'm gonna keep the recipe to this gorgeous smoothie wrapped up so I can publish it in my ebook- so please forgive me! So today instead I wanna share my new discovery with you (I used some of this in my awesome purple kale super smoothie pictured above!)

Please, allow me to introduce Loving Earth's 'Rainbow' raw superfood blend. It contains raw organic maqui, raw organic acai, wildcrafted gubinge, raw organic camu camu and raw organic AFA blue green algae. WOAH!

BUT.... What does this all mean Tegan???!!!

Listen up!

Maqui is a deep purple berry wild harvested in South America that is considered to be the highest antioxidant fruit on the planet! Maqui berries has been traditionally used by the Mapache Indians for sore throat, diarrhea, ulcers, haemorrhoids, birth-delivery, fever, tumours and other ailments.

Acai fruit is great for cardiovascular health and are loaded with antioxidants which keep your heart healthy and lower cholesterol. Antioxidants safeguard the body against day-to-day wear and tear elements such as pollution, foods, weather, and age.

Gubinge is a really powerful indigenous Australian superfood. It's the highest natural source of Vitamin C on the planet, 

Camu Camu powder comes from a berry grown in Peru. Traditionally, Camu Camu is made into a juice by people of the rainforest to support the immune system, ward off viral infections, and help maintain optimal health, especially under conditions of stress and anxiety, which tend to deplete the immune system.

AFA is a raw fresh water algae, known as Aphanizomenon flos-aquae. This truly is an ancient superfood in fact it is known as Earth's first living food.  It is wild-harvested from only one place on earth, Upper Klamath Lake in Oregon, USA. AFA boasts the highest protein and trace mineral concentration of any natural food.  It provides over 64 easily absorbed vitamins, minerals, micronutrients and enzymes and AFA has more bio-available chlorophyll than any other food.

That's why WOAH!!!

Chuck it in your smoothie and be happy!!


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