Wednesday, 28 August 2013

KOHLRHABI love and My first Young and Raw post! X

I've been doing some research on my new found friend, Kohl rhabi..... I think I'm in love!
Kohl rhabi is very beautiful for starters, this is what first caught my eye and attracted me in the first place... It's a very beautiful purple color, with little edible purple stems and green leaves. It's a very close relation to cabbage, kale, brussle sprouts, broccoli etc- some of my very favourite vegetables!
You can cook this veg, although it prefers to be eaten raw or very lightly cooked- which works better for your body any way!

So, here's the part where I give you my AMAZING new recipe and tell you my findings on the nutritional benefits of this beautiful bulb.
Here's also the part where I announce this as being my first guest post for Young and Raw!!! YAAAY! So, over you go to their incredible site and check out my blog there!!



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