Tuesday, 27 August 2013

Inca Berries to the rescue!

These beautiful berrie are my favourite superfood snack at the moment! They're so beautiful, have an awesome texture and they taste so incredible it's not funny!
I've been adding them to garnishing my smoothies with these beauts... also for a sweet energy boost through the day, I grab a handful and happily munch them.

Inca berries, also commonly known as golden berries, are peruvian golden jewels that taste like a vitamin c explosion in your mouth that are in fact LOADED with vitamin C! They also boast the following super hero strengths:
  • Higher in antioxidants than gojiberries, greentea and blueberries.
  • More than twice or triple the dietary fibre of most dried fruits
  • A 50-55g serve of Inca berries has more Potassium than a banana
  • A great level of Vitamin C & Phosphorus
  • Higher level of protein than most dried fruits
  • Low in sodium
 Sounds pretty good hey!
Grab a heap and get munching on them to help your body transition through the change of seasons! Our bodies need lighter, more vibrant foods, Vitamin C and Dietry fibre to cleanse the winter cobwebs away and mega antioxidants to get our bods and skin raring to go in summer- the perfect and yummiest 'sunscreen' ever!!

Plus they make any smoothie look good :) 

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