Thursday, 1 August 2013

Amazing online courses, One of which I am now an Affiliate! Awesome

I am computer illiterate...... Although I am getting much much much MUCH better!
Whenever I had to do anything on the computer it would result in me literally crying, then getting my boyfriend to do it for me. Phone gadgets are a no go..... (getting better) and I was probably the most un Gen Y, Gen Y person ever- I only just learnt what a meme was....

But, here I am.
Blogging up a storm with a Facebook page, Twitter account and Instagram accounts for A Purple Carrot! Plus I have recently enrolled myself in TWO online schools! TWO!!!
This would have terrified me a few years ago- no- a few months ago!!

I'm pretty excited about the new schools I'm hanging out in, in the cyber web world- they're both awesomely giving me a better life, with incredible knowledge and support- plus they're BOTH hippie dippie!!

The first is Belinda Davidson's  School for the Modern Mystic and the second, which I am now an affiliate!!!! (OMG) is Leonie Dawson's Amazing Life and Biz Academy.
Both have heaps of free goodness, and both have a heap of inspiration and wise guidence- some of which you can buy, or, you can get into each of their blogs!

Click here: to get to the Amazing Biz and Life Academy
and here: for the Modern Mystic!

So easy and inspiring- look at me go!!!

With all this new found knowledge and inspiration, I'm know guest blogging for Young and Raw!!! AMAZEBALLS!!! I'll let you know when my first guest post has been published with a link and my excitement!!!!

Yay to the future!!!



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