Sunday, 4 August 2013

7 Day green smoothie challenge with Lauren Glucina @ Ascension Kitchen

I love veggie juice, Something which you may have well noticed by now. I go on a LOT about them and post them a heap on Instagram. I usually have about 2 big veg juices a day (amongst other things!!) but I decided to replace one of my juices a day and jump onboard with Ascension Kitchen's 7 day green smoothie challenge!!! YAY!

The challenge is to celebrate her new ap/ebook that has the low down on incredible healing green smoothie recepies. It's beautiful- I'm a big fan of her's and she's quite an inspiration to me in creating and sharing A Purple Carrot.
Check out her blog here: There are links there to her incredible and really cheap ebook!

The idea behing the challenge is to create and share your very own green smoothie recepies with her via Facebook and Instagram- so get onboard and 'like' her, or you can share through me!!! yay!

If you get stuck on what to make- you could always trawl through previous posts of mine, follow the recepies I make, buy her amazing ebook, or use this awesome guide to help you out:

I found todays smoothie recepie on her blog:
It was awesome!

Join the fun and SHARE the love!


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