Sunday, 4 August 2013

Morning Routine: My Gorgeous Green Smoothie

Green smoothies. My saving grace.

They're the fastest, easiest and yummiest way to devour fresh, detoxifying, living & nutritious greens.
You can pack as many greens as you dare into just one glass and add the fruit of your dreams, nuts & seeds and any super foods that tickle your fancy.

This is my breakfast of choice, but also the ideal snack throughout the day, regardless of whether I'm home or running about like a looney.

I love chucking a fresh green smoothie into a light and air proof drink bottle (this prevents the nutrients from dying) & taking my Pop Eye treat on set, or to rehearsals.
*it's best to drink your smoothies straight away, they will start to die after 15 minutes.  

Last week I had a super busy day and wasn't all that hungry when it came to dinner but I still wanted to nourish myself. GREEN SMOOTHIE TO THE RESCUE

Greens are exremely rich in chlorophyll and it just so happens that the molecular structure of chlorophyll is very similar to that of human blood!
Studies prove that when this is consumed, the production of hemoglobin in the blood is increased, which means the blood will become greatly enriched with oxygen - the most important element that cells need to thrive.
Greens are amazing alkalizers which help protect the body against diseases, fatigue and illness.
Their nutrients are are easy to digest, they have amazing fat burning compounds, vitamins and minerals, healthy bacteria that help to build cleaner muscles and tissues, protiens, protective photo-chemicals & they aid your digestive system. They are also an impressive cleanser of the kidneys.


This is what I create from day to day, with minor adjustments, but you can really add ANYTHING to these bad boys, so get creative!

a few stalks of kale
a celery stick
boc choy &/or wombok green leaves
1 banana
1 lime
rice milk (sometimes mineral water or cocnut water)
scoop of cashew nut spread
tblsp chia seeds

*sometimes a spoon of raw cacao and if im really hungry, I'll also add some organic rolled oats.


Super speedy. Super healthy. Super yummy. Super Hero Super Power!!!