Tuesday, 30 July 2013

raw radish pasta

I FINALLY got to make my raw diakon raddish pasta for Brett!!
This one wasn't a creamy number, but a zesty, fresh, herby, raddishy delight!

This meal was created in a flash and with minimal ingredients, it filled us, each having seconds and with leftovers too!!

 I'm so in love with raw pasta at the moment. The other night I went out for dinner with my beautiful friends and FINALLY had raw zucchini pasta!! It's was so good! It was a delicious raw vegan cheesy, creamy, mushroomy and zucchinni-ey fiesta- I'm definately going to re-create that yummy meal!

Anyway- on to my RAW RADDISH PASTA!!

1 diakon raddish, spiralized/grated
3 multi colored raddishes, thinly sliced/shaved
1 garlic clove
1/2-1 lemon juice
1 bunch of parsley (OR ANY HERB)
raw salt
drizzle of oil, blitzed.

wash and prep all ingrediants as descibed above, then mix. that's it.

SSOOoo good!


PS it will make to fart :)  

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