Monday, 29 July 2013

report on 2nd juice cleanse day

I took it easy on myself yesterday. To be honest, I wasn't very hunrgy- I'm pretty much ALWAYS hungry! I think I'm still healing from being sick- both spew sick and cold sick, so I didn't force down any extra juices, I felt it out through the day. For breakfast I had a MEGA veg juice that featured fennel- which is an awesome cure all to upset tummies. For lunch instead of a juice I had a good bowl of miso soup with fresh herbs from the garden- parsley, corriander and nasturtiums- awesome combo! I also had a tiny side of avo on rye, like I said, I wasn't hungry but I knew I should consume some solids. I snacked on my YUMMY almond milk pulp cookies- which are now all gone- through the day, which were great pick me ups packed with protien, antioxidants and vitamin C!! For dinner I had another MEGA veggie juice, and I was happy!

I was going to share my beautiful almond milk pulp cookies, but I'm going to expand on them and save them for my ebook- so you'll have to wait a little longer, if you're luck and near by, I may even make some for you, but never fear- I will deliver the goods eventually- just gonna make them look and taste OUT OF THIS WORLD first!!!!

 ALSO, I'm super excited, I'm embarking on a new venture of guest blogging!!! OMG, super excited and can't wait to start! I'll be guest blogging a few times a month for Young and Raw, who are super awesome people and have a MASSIVE following, so good times ahead for A Purple Carrot! I'll keep you updated and share links to my guest blogs when they're published! Wahoo!

Peace and love baby!


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