Sunday, 28 July 2013

My juice cleanse spew!

I am a VERY sensitive person! so very very sensitive....... (but as we know this is awesome, otherwise I may have never created A Purple Carrot and I'd be lost!)

It's pretty funny actually, just after I posted my blog yesterday talking about how great the cleanse is going and saying I haven't been feeling sick..... BOOOM!
It's my fault actually. I honesly WAS feeling good, but I have a very sensitive tummy and since I have Hypothyroidism (under active thyroid), ever since I was little, I have needed something solid in my tummy if I ever have too much water (or liquid)... ooops, during my spew I realized that past cleases I have done, have also included smoothies and soup..... and dessert!!!
I seriously did think I'd be fine this time, but this has been an awesome lesson in tailoring things other people do to fit ME! and only me- so If you want to do a juice cleanse for a month and have 20 juices a day- go for it!! I wish I could too- but I also do love taking it easy on myself when I cleanse and tend to myself like I do with my baby nephews and neice.

So- what happened!? you ask.... Just after I posted my blog I ran a delicious big bath with a cup of bicarb (this was prescribed to me from my shiatsu practitioner, it's super duper alkaline, detoxifying and super good for skin- this was when my excema was extreamely bad). I guess the bicarb was too full on for my body during the clease, I couldn't see properly when I got out- this lasted for almost an hour or more and I started getting a bad headache, but not a migrane thank god! I drank a litre of water, then after a while I felt sick and needed food, so silly me had a massive juice- which was yum and kinda helped, but there was too much liquid in my tummy. after a while I had a small bowl of the soup I made Brett........ TOO MUCH LIQUID IN MY TUMMY!!! Headache got worse, I rested, rested, rested, SPEWED!!! a good 5 times in a row! OOOOPPPPSSSS!!! I haven't spewed in a very long time, but did feel instantly better! After a little while I slowly drank two bowls of miso to get my salt and water up (feeling dehydrated) and also nibbled on some yummy cookies I made from my almond milk pulp. Then I went to sleep!

I feel much better today- although I'm gonna take it easy and also have a small amount of solids through the day. It's important to ease into solid foods after any sickness or cleanse- and on the bright side, I think I've really gotten rid of my cold, which is what I wanted to do in the first place. I think I might try having 3-4 big juices so I'm still getting a bucket load of nutrients injected straight into my blood stream.

Take care if you join the 'cleanse' and tailor it to you.

If you dont quite know where to start, a great and gentle cleanse I've done a couple of times in the past is a 48hr liquid clease that has juices, smoothies, salads and soup. Check it out here:

I enjoyed this, but you'd need a couple of days off to do it... you consume a lot!!

Love you! x

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