Saturday, 27 July 2013

My Juice Cleanse

Hi lovely ones!
I've decided to give myself a 3 day juice cleanse. I've been a bit sick over the last few days and want to give myself a good clean out and really top up my vitamins, minerals, protien, iron, fibre, everything- best thing to do... JUICE CLEANSE!!
I randomly chose to do 3 days, so I'll see how I go and wont be too strict on myself, might only be two days- or five!! I'll see how I feel each day, it's basically to reboost my body and immune system. Also, I've been feel a bight heavy this week due to lot's of rest and no excercize and I comforeted myself with lots of bread- so, it's gonna be a good pick me up!

I'm not following any particular cleanse or detox, I'm creating each juice in accordence  to how I feel at the time, I'm having approx 6 big juices a day- but that's depending on how I feel and when I need a top up/flush out, so it's also a great excercize in tuning in to what my body needs.

I'm also drinking a lot of water (do different to my usual intake 2-3litres a day) and having as much herbal tea as I feel like- plus I also made some fresh almon milk this morning, so I'm gonna drink that up too!!!

If you want to join in, please don't feel like you're 'on a diet', it's great reboost like I said- also feel free to fave soup, salad or smoothie's if you're especially hungry- it's not about starving yourself!!

I might even partake in a smoothie if I get super hungry, but to be honest, I haven't once been hungry, this will prbably change as the days go on, but I'll assess that as I go!

I'll give you updates on recepies and how I feel etc.

Feel free to join me! I'll be posting my juices on my Facebook page, respond and tell me what juices and smoothies you're loving at the moment!!
If you join in and start expreriencing detox symptoms, you can help your bidy by dry body brushing, having a bath with epsom salts, apple cider vinegar and/or bicarb soda (about a cup of each)-  you can put them all together or choose just one, they will all aid in detoxing your body! Also, if you're feeling really game and have one... coffee enemas are said to greatly aid in detoxing the body and loving the liver- super safe and easy.... I really want to try this, just need to build the nerve to go and buy one!! (internet shopping here I come!) Each to there own!!!

Since I've already done some seroius detoxing over the past few months, I'm feeling mighty fine! no detox symptoms, just a much lighter feeling- I will still probably bath it up though!!!

YAY to health and loving your bodies!!!

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