Thursday, 25 July 2013

Raw cauliflower cous cous

Firstly, I just wanted to show off my beautiful new bed spread/couch cover/wall hanging that my awesome bro and sister in law gave me for my birthday- it's a beaut!

What??? raw cous cous!?- well yes! - and it's a vegetable. This little beauty can also be use in place of rice if you're wanting raw veg rice- something that I will definately enjoy in the hotter months! (and now!) yay!

I'm loving the versatility of creating with raw fruit and veg in the kitchen. It's mind blowingly exciting, experimental and fun!
My fav thing at the moment is creating a raw vegan 'pasta' or in this case 'cous cous', making it delicious (not hard), then serving it to my love heart Brett and watching his reaction from when I tell him it's 'creamy pasta'- then getting him to guess the ingredients- then watching his face as I tell him what I used as my substitutes- it's brilliant and a wonderful feeling creating, eating and sharing my culinary descoveries.

I still have my mum's food processor from when I made my sister Skye's birthday cake and I've always wanted to try using cauiflower as rice or cous cous! so YAY to that!

1/2 head cauliflower blitzed in processor until cous cous size (aprox)
2 raddishes shaved
1/2 sweet potato grated
1 bulb boc choy chopped
1/4 cup raisins or currants
I scattered in some sprouted blackbeans- add anything, nuts, seeds, herbs etc.
1 orange squeezed over top
pinch sea salt
drizzle of extra virgin olive oil
* serve with a drizzle of tahini (optional but so good)

Wash and prepare your veg as above. Mix. Season. Taste. EAT!


We ate this as a main, with leftovers. You could easily make this for 4-6 peeps as a side or as part of a good buffet spread.

Peace and love baby XX

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