Wednesday, 24 July 2013

Raw vegan lime and cranberry cheesecake, I'm gonna write a book!

It was my sister Skye's birthday last week.
My awesome and beautiful sister is currently in training to become a pastry chef, so she's big on making desserts and pastries. She's very good at what she does- but I can't actually eat anything she makes! SO, to remedy that, I started sending her heaps and heaps of information, recepie links and blog links that covered raw vegan and sugar free desserts!! It's all super inspiring, I love reading them myself and getting ideas on the way, and I think she enjoy's the challenge! (I hope so anyway!!)

The first raw vegan dessert she made me was a complete suprize. Brett and I popped over to mum and dad's for dinner and I was gearing up to go without dessert when mum whispered in my ear, "don't eat too much, Skye's made you a treat for dessert!" Well, that got my attention!!
Skye had made me (and everybody) a raw, vegan, sugar free rich chocolate and esspresso mouse/icecream!! OH MY GOD! It was sooooo bloody good and SUPER rich! I was VERY HAPPY INDEED.

For my birthday cake, she made me a really yummy raw vegan icecream cake- which I'm getting her to guest blog about soon (she's very busy) Here's what it looked like:

......Pretty good right?

To get back on track... it was my sisters birthday last week and because of all of the above, I really wanted to create my own version of a raw vegan cheesecake for her birthday cake (she'd never tried a raw vegan cheesecake- that would not do!!). I created a lime and cranberry cheesecake that was raw, vegan, sugar free and gluten free- YES!!!

Although I wasn't happy with my final presentation (ran out or tangerine and red grapefruit for the topping), it still tasted pretty damn good! Mum also made a few sorbet's, Im sure they all went very well, but I only ate the specially made vegan coconut, lemon and honey (I eat honey) sorbet- It went perfectly!!

Now is the time where I announce my EBOOK!!!
Yes, that's right, I am writing and ebook, so unfortunately I will not be sharing this recepie with you, I'm collecting it and keeping it safe so I can create a very lovely little ebook for you to keep!!! YYAAAAYY!!

What do you think about that!?
Also, on that point, what kind things would you love to see in my book? I'd love to give you the very best gift I can give you.

YAY again for that and please feel free to post requests on my FB page under the link to this blog. HURRAH!!


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