Thursday, 18 July 2013

Friday best fresh lunch

Happy Friday everyone, hope you're keeping warm and happy and watching the wild weather at the moment. Busy day so I'll keep it short, just wanted to share this really yummy and fresh lunch today: Veg juice with beetroot, celery, cucumber, carrots & black kale, served with unhulled tahini on nashi (or yo) pears and an avo! YUM!

To re-cap this week, We ate a sprouted chickpea salad on Monday,

Had raw sweet potato pasta on Tuesday,

Jumped into a jar of sauerkraut Wednesday,

And had AMAZING raw chocolate fudge slice for dessert on Thursday!!

Have a happy weekend of eating, I'll be on set tomorrow- lot's of pre made fresh vegie juices coming my way for energy! And Sunday I will head to yoga, then have a family feast for my sisters birthday! YAY!!!

What was your most fav thing you ate this week?


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