Sunday, 14 July 2013

Sprouted Chickpea salad

I've been going sprouting crazy. Right now, at this exact point in time I have some blackbeans in the kitchen, pre soaked chillen out, getting ready to sprout! I'm very excited. Last week I tried my hand at sprouting chickpeas. Super fun and rewarding as usual. Once sprouted, the chickpeas had a lovely refreshingly sweet flavour- very similar to freshly picked and raw sweet peas. YUM

I only had a small bowls worth of chickpeas, but they lasted two big meals for myself and Brett- they didn't even make it to the fridge because I gobbled them up!
*If you need a refresher on the health benefits of and how to sprout, re read this post:

I've been trying to eat as much raw things as possible at the moment. The reason purely is because it's what I'm craving and getting excited by at the moment. I've had the occaisional cooked meal over the past week and have found that afterwards I feel quite heavy and not great over all- so, Ive been getting inspired, learning a lot, getting prepared and eating beautiful raw foods as much as I can everyday. I also REALLY want a dehydrator now so I can try a HEAP of raw vegan recepies and go 100% everyday! Christmas is coming.........

Onto my salad, super quick, yummy and filling, the only thing you need to do is start the sprouting process a few days earlier, I'm staring a rotation of having something soaking, something sprouting and something ready to eat in the fridge- sounds time consuming and annoing- ITS NOT, it's easier than making a coffee!!! Plus I really want to have a variety of sprouts ready to eat- especially since they take a few days.

scattering od sprouted chickpeas- or as much as you want!!
1/2 to 1 nashi pear grated
1 brussle sprout shaved/very thinly sliced
1 to 2 leaves of kale (I used red russian for this salad) Thinly sliced
1 turnip grated
2 sliced of 100% rye bread toasted then chopped for croutons
scattering of lightly toasted almonds
1 lime juice
drizzle of oil

Toast your almonds on your stove top and toast your bread then roughly chop.
Shave/grate/thinly slice your veg, chuck in a bowl, add the almonds, bread, lime juice, oil and pink salt, mix, EAT!


Enjoy! X

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