Monday, 24 June 2013

Soul time

If you read my 'rant' ( last week, you may well be expecting me to run away and really rest myself....

Well, whether you felt it or not- IM GOING AWAY!

I've really been taking time to noursh and care for myself, but I feel I need a real escape and recharge. I have a tiny window of no work, which I had to organise, I have very little money- but I am going to honor myself and dissapear for a week, ready to take on the world and get busy again!

You can do it too! even if it's a day, weekend, afternoon off. Make sure you nurture your busy selves!

I'm heading to the coast to shack up in a converted shipping container on top of a hill- Paradise. I will be alone, no power, technology or toilet... sound scary, I can't wait!! My lovely Brett will join me on the weekend, But for the most part, I will really be able to connect to myself and nature. YES!

As you may have guessed, I'm not gonna blog over this period, I will though take a few nice photo's and post them on A Purple Carrot's facebook page.
So stay tuned and be inspired to recharge too!

It's gonna be amazing.


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