Sunday, 23 June 2013


Have you Heard of Kombucha (kom- boo- cha) yet?

I first found it when I was in LA last year with Jacinta.
We were wandering around the local farmers market, buying and tasting, when we stumbled across the Kombucha stall. We tried two flavours, apple and pear. We loved it! It was our special treat, sipping the preious liquid so it didn't all dissapear in a second. It even graced Jacinta birthday breakfast picnic on a peir in Malibu!
Anyway, I reconnected with the delicious elixir on my trip this year, came home and found it in all my favourite stores!!!

My fav at the moment is 'MOJO's Original Komucha. It's raw, NASAA certified organic, sustainable, ecologically responsible, gluten free and vegan friendly... and DELICIOUS!

The last  onth or so, I've been really looking at detoxing my liver.... an on going treatment that was ingored for too long, but going well.
As you can imagaine, because of this mega detox, I'm not drinking alcohol at the mo, Kombucha is an amazing replacement!! win- plus it's SUPER good for your heath.

So, what is Kombucha??
Great question! Komucha is an ancient handmade drink that's created with a unique fermentation. A living natural culture, transforms the ingredients (tea, unrefined cane sugar, culture) to create a really refreshing, clean, crisp, natural health elixir. It's uplifting, rejuvenating and detoxifying, yay!

I LOVE IT- give it a try!

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