Thursday, 20 June 2013

My rant and Friday re-cap

It's Friday!
People get so excited by this, to me it's another day- everyday is a 'normal' (where I usually end up doing something creative and weird in the eyes of others.... Today I got up at 5:45, went to hot yoga, did an amazing made up moon series to pay homage to the amazing moon and winter solstice, sweated a lot, dried myself of, was wearing nothing but a towel, my puffer jacket and sandels... got home chatted to my beautiful housemate in my ridiculous attire, then got ready for the day- I need to mention that I went into a store dressed this way to buy coconut water..) ANYWAY, yes Friday. A week has ended, full moons a coming, it's winter solstice, there's gonna be some craziness going on, on the longest night of the year!

The last few weeks, months, while have been a huge rollercoaster for me and for a lot- no everyone around me.
Since returning from LA in April, I let my health and self care slip. I was so inspired, refreshed and healthy from being in LA, that when I got home, one, it was easter- hello cadbury's chocolate- something which I never eat, but ate HEAPS of...... this spiraled out of control, I was super depressed, unmotivated, I hated going to work (in a cafe) and was so frustrated that I simply couldn't move over to LA and be happy.... rules and regulations are dumb!
Anyway, needless to say, my physical and mental health took an enormous dive... I'm still detoxing all the negative thoughts, patterns and moods I took on during that time.
My skin is a mess and sore- I have terrible ezcema.....

But do you know what?
It's OK! I'm grateful that I have a super sensitive body and mind that let's me know when I'm not on track. I'm one of those people who needs to really look after themselves, to the extreame to function 'normally'.
I say YAY to that!!!! It makes me far more connected to myself, my body, my path and the universe that surrounds me.

I've gone from a 'relaxed vegan' (sometimes eats icecream, the occassional cheese etc), drinking almost everynight, downing coffee every morning, to a clean healthy VEGAN who's happy, shines bright, get's shiatsu massage as treatment, meditates daily, excercizes almost daily, have refallen in love with her crystals- even got a few new ones- who's REconnected!

I'm not saying it's at all easy- it's really hard to really listen and care for yourself- it effects others, but you really have to stay true to yourself and emabrace the craziness of you.
It's a journey and everythings a lesson. No matter what you believe- YOU have the power to choose what you make of each lesson. It's there to learn from- not beat you down.

I realize I sound like a high hippie dooo daaah skippoing through a rainbow- It's dark, it's hard, it's scary- IT'S LIFE. EMBRACE IT!!

Love yourself so you can really, properly love others and our beautiful Earth and Universe. May not seem like it at times- but it has our backs.      

I must say, I feel so much better already- but it's definately only the beginning, but I really feel the importance now of self care.

Here's a recap from this weeks posts. Happy weekend.

Peace X


Enjoy re reading this weekend!

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