Sunday, 4 August 2013

My saviors on set

So... I have been working on a few sets the past couple of months- both acting and art directing are physically and mentally draining (but super fun) and the days are super long- lunch break is usually 10hrs after breakfast- then same again for dinner, early mornings and super late nights... so, to stop our boddies breaking down (which mine did to start with, because I'd gotten lazy with my self care- thankfully my body and mind reminded me pretty quickly!!) we need to make sure we take super care of ourselves... meditate on set while you're wainting for set up or a take, drink lots lof water and bring healthy snacks- this is what saved me.

I made sure I had a big bottle of coconut water- amazing for rehydration and gives amazing energy. No matter how much water I drink on set, I seem to get bad headaches quite often, solution= coconut water.
I also made myself epic green smoothies to take with me on set, so if I was starving at 11am and lunch wasn't for another few hours, my smoothis filled me up, gave me an amazing energy boost and stopped my body and mind from being stressed.
I brought my own tea bags, organic green and other herbal teas. People on set gorge themselves on sugar and coffee to 'keep them going', which is totaly fine for them- this for me is like suicide- epic, I know but it's true :)
Just remember to keep calm and breathe. Sounds easy, but it's actually one of the hardest things for people to do on set. High stakes and high tension.
Breathe my sweets, breathe and enjoy what you're doing!!!

P.s- I also have my amazing grounding and calming stones with me on set- totally not for everyone- most people for that matter, but I love them so much!!!


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