Monday, 7 January 2013

30 Day Green Smoothie Challenge

Well... Summer is most definitely here!

woah mumma!

As much as I remained healthy during christmas and new year, I did indulge in lots of amazing food and a fair few sweeties- plus the odd drink..... everyday...

So- Im back and raring to be as healthy as I can possibly be- with the help of 'Young and Raw's 30 day smoothie challenge...

Well I was going to do this anyway, but on Facebook I saw that they posted a free 30 day green smoothie challenge, sharing free recipes, motivation and great updates explaining what each ingredient does for your body! amazing!

So, Im enjoying my morning fresh veggie juice- usually containing beetroot, carrot, ginger, lemon, green apple, silver beet, kale, cayenne pepper, cucumber and broccoli.


And now, my challenge, also adding green smoothies everyday!

Now- I normally do have green smoothies everyday, but since being in LA and being on the go in hot weather, I was finding the smoothies too filling for brekkie- move it to lunch I say!!

Heres a pick of my day 2 of 30 green smoothie challenge!!

be inspired and join the challenge!

This one has coconut water, green capsicum, orange, lemon, ginger, kale and parsley- with stalks- YUM!

And incase you get disheartened... on both days I modified the ingredients- I didn't follow the shopping list so I replaced a few things!!



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