Monday, 7 January 2013

Apple Cider Vinegar Rocks

Im guessing some of you are needing more assistance with feeling great after christmas and new year... yes/no?  Well even if you're feeling fine and are wanting to get even healthier.. read this!!

Apple cider vinegar is such a wonderful friend for you to make. Its great for detoxifying, alkalising, clearing up skin ailments and is an awesome cancer preventer and wards off common illnesses.
You can eat it (salad dressing), drink it or dab it on your skin for either easing the sting of sunburn or using as an astringent for your face. It helps clear eczema, acne and worts! (for wort removal, cover a cotton balls with ACV, then place on top of the wort and cover with a band aid. Leave overnight and continue process until the wort buggers off!)

If you're wanting to really get your detox on, have a bath with a cup of ACV and a cup of epsom salts- then top yourself up with a green smoothie!
ACV is rich in natural minerals, vitamins and enzymes. It binds to toxins which aids the detoxification process. It breaks up the mucus in your body which helps flush lymph nodes, increasing circulation in the body and lymph system. It also helps to purify the blood.

If you suffer from gastric reflux or any trouble with digestion- take 1-2 teaspoons of ACV in warm water half an hour before a meal, this will heal your tummy and greatly aid your digestion. This also aids in weight loss- but make sure you have a healthy and balanced diet to keep your body working at its best.
ACV helps to stabilise our blood sugar levels which is great for people with diabetes! Yay.

So, make sure you get certified organic cold pressed ACV along with the 'mother'- the cloudy stuff thats a living mixture of amazing bacteria, minerals and enzymes!! Also make sure its not packed in a plastic bottle.

Apple cider vinegar a day keeps the doctor away!



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hey there, I make my own apple cider vinegar, it's super easy!

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