Monday, 7 January 2013

Rice Noodle Bowl

Hello Lovely people!!!

It's been a while!

Well, Suburbia went really well- I'm actually sharing a recipe from my last days of rehearsal, so an oldie!

As soon as the show ended, I jumped on a plane a went to Japan for 11 days for a music video shoot and a mini holiday! It was great, a roller coaster of people, food and lights. Then of coarse, as soon as I landed back in Melbourne I was happily swamped in christmas lunches, birthday camping, birthday dinners, christmas day and then of coarse, new years!


I'm back!

So as briefly promised before.... here's a quick, filling and yummy dinner I ate after a day rehearsal before running out to a movie event....


So.. VERY easy...

Fill the kettle and bring to the boil.
Once boiled, pop into a small pan- bring to boil again and add the noodles- taste after 5min, they should be done. When done- drain and plop into a bowl with a tiny bit of the cooking liquid (this prevents the noodles sticking together and going gluggy)- season with sea salt and drizzle a tiny bit of oil.

Chop 3 inches of leek and cook lightly in a saucepan with oil and salt.
Then after a few mins, add any green leafy vegetable- I used a MASSIVE cauliflower plant leaf (it was in my garden and looked too good!).
I cut the leaf into thick strips and mixed in with my leek.

To serve, I plopped my veg onto my noodles, added fennel fronds and kale seed pods (all from my garden- I'd ad lots of fresh herbs instead of this).

Mix, taste, season if need be- maybe drizzle with more oil if need be- then gobble up!!


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