Sunday, 11 November 2012

My Fav LA Snack

This really isn't a recipe- its actually quite a common snack- but it is absolutely delicious, quick, it's great or you and makes you happy!!!

This was (and remains) my fav quick light meal/snack when I was away. I really craved light and fresh foods- this was a daily fixture.

All you need is an avo- I'm generous- 1/4 avo to one rice cake, a handful of cherrie tomatoes- they're sweeter than regular toms, thick rice cakes, a lime and salt.

It's extremely straight forward to make- no explanation needed

Did you know that mixing toms and avo's not only taste and look good- together they're better for you!!
Research has found that the monounsaturated fat found in avo's boost the cancer fighting properties of lycopene found in tomatoes which makes it four times more effective!



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