Saturday, 10 November 2012

Massaged Kale and Lentil Salad

So.......  I devoured the most simple and delicious (oh, and nutritious!!) meal while I was away..
I was lucky enough to have delicious fresh organic kale at my finger tips- from the farmers market in Hollywood once a week and the local farmers market (in Silverlake) twice a week. At one point in time, I had three different types of kale in my fridge at the same time! Holy toledo!!!!!

I created a this meal one day when I was busy running around, hungry and wanting quick brian food so I could work on my script... so I grabbed my kale and started massaging it with lovely olive oil. while I was giving my love to these beauties, I popped some french lentils on the stove to cook.

I then put the raw and tender kale into a bowl and when it was cooked, I poured the lovely hot lentils on top. I seasoned with a bit of lime and lots of Himalayan sea salt.

That was it!! so delicious, savoury and satisfying!

Try it for yourself! you won't be sorry!!!


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