Saturday, 17 November 2012

Beating the dreaded Loogey

Well as I knew it would, my life exploded when I got back from LA. Firstly I jumped on in to rehearsing SUBURBIA, a new Exhibit A: Theatre show which opens in just over a week... I gave myself two rehearsal weeks with the cast and director...... hmmmm.

I've also been on the hunt for a new job, new home and have been trying to get out to see shows, people, my family and have meetings and trials... ARGH!

I was starting to feel the tole of being a busy maniac.. I could feel myself starting to go under and get sick. I was surrounded by others who were sick and felt as though my immune system was about to fail me.

I wanted to stop this at once!!! I started having more veggie juices, smoothies and raw foods and I cranked my intake of spices. For energy I snacked on beautiful medool dates. mmm

A few months ago I posted about the health benefits of spices and how not to get sick during 'production week'- well it was now my turn to put this to action.

Every morning and also through the day as a replacement of my cup of tea, I made Earthsprouts amazing golden detox drink. This has two large cups of hot water, half a lemon, a tsp of ground ginger powder, turmeric, stevia and a pinch of cayenne powder- I didn't have any ginger so instead I used cinnamon and I also added cumin powder, more cayenne and I didn't use stevia- I also occasionally also added camomile tea.

I also made a massive pot of veggie daal- I didn't get a chance to take a photo because I was crazy busy and too tired to remember. I used veggies I had on hand- silverbeet, potato, brown onion, leek greens, peas, lentils and HEAPS of cumin, cayenne, turmeric and a little cinnamon.
it was rich, delicious and very cleansing- taking my sickness with it.

I also drank a heap of water- even though I didn't really feel like it since I felt unwell.

I went to hot yoga- but took it easy and luckily for me, the yoga instructor decided to run a detoxifying class with lots of twists to help ring out the organs, flush the body with new blood cells and stimulate the immune system! phew!

I think I have beaten the dreaded loogey- I still have a massive week ahead with work, rehearsals, moving, yoga and life in general. I just need to be kind to myself and nurture myself as much as possible!!

To recap on the goodness of spices... and keeping healthy during tech week and also being busy and stress leading up to the close of the year check this blog again xx


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