Monday, 1 October 2012

Wheatgrass :)

So... I'm on the wheatgrass train.


I remember when the juice bar craze first hit Melbourne, it was (and still is) massive- and rightly so! Matched to every juice bar, there'd be a box of wheatgrass beaming a bright green hue.

"Oh my god"- I thought- "We're turning into America!"

I didn't like the new outbreak of fresh juices- I thought it was another evil western chain that was taking over over and brain washing people to not eat properly and making millions in the process...

I've since gotten over that, learned the actual brilliance of being able to have a fresh vegetable juice everywhere you go and have been able to find a few gorgeous boutique & independant fruit and veg stores that make fresh juices- Brilliant!! And so much better than the fast food chains and crappy coffee houses that sweep cities and shopping centres- EVIL & YUCK!!

It's taken me a while, but I've also only just learnt the incredible genius that is wheatgrass & the wheatgrass shot! AMAZING.

Now instead of going out for a double esspresso every morning, as a treat I can head out for my wheatgrass shot! YAY

Wheatgrass is the young shoots of wheat and is a super duper natural healer.
Although it's the shoots of wheat- it's completely gluten free and safe for people with gluten & wheat intolerance.
It contains chlorophyll, vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and enzymes. It has also been proven to heal ulcerative colitis. This is good.
It's best consumed 10 mins before a meal (or as a snack), which allows the juice to be absorbed quickly without competition with your food!
Wheatgrass is very alkalising- which is the best thing in the world for your body.
It's naturaly detoxifying and anti-inflammatory.

It's also such a beautiful vibrant green and has a naturaly sweet flavour.



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