Sunday, 30 September 2012

My Raw Muesli Bar

3 day short film shoot. Great!

Everyday I have a call time of 7:30am...... this is ok.

I still have time in the morning for a quick meditation, a body brush and an awesome green smoothie (oil pulling will be shelved and my baths will be quick showers).

Breakfast on set is at 8am, so in between getting my make up done and getting into cosie, everyone will be tucking into brekky, which will be toasted sandwhiches a fruit salad full of fruits I can't have.

Don't worry, we're organised remember!

My incredible Raw Muesli Bars can be eaten on the run or doubled as a breakfast bar! YES!

So even though I've enjoyed my beautiful green smoothie, by 9am I'll be wanting to indulge too.


What you need:

handful organic rolled oats
handful soaked cashews
handful soaked sunflower seeds
1 banana
1 lime
tblsp chia seeds
tblsp linseed

What you do:

The night before, pop your cashews and sunflower seeds in a bowl of water to soak.
The next day, rinse the nuts & seeds then chuck into a food processor.
Add the oats, banana & lime juice, then blitz to your desired blitzedness- I prefer the mix to be a bit chunky.
Remove the blade from the processor, then add the chia & linseeds. Mix.

Pop into a baking dish lined with baking paper and with the back of a spoon, flatten the mix to your desired thickness and shape.


This only takes about 10min max!

This baby will keep in the fridge for a week.