Tuesday, 2 October 2012

Blackbeans To The Rescue!!

I have a new favourite.

Drum roll please................BLACKBEANS!!!!

I've been discovering more and more how great, delicious and how really versitile these little beauties are.
You can bake with them, make spreads with them, eat them in the form of spaghetti, or enjoy them as their lovely selves.

Did I mention that blackbeans are considered a superfood??
These bad boys are packed with a rare combination of BOTH protien and fibre! -this doesn't usually happen.

In just 1 cup of blackbeans, you're getting 14 grams of protein- which is the same amount as 2 oz. of chicken or salmon.
In that same cup you're getting 15 grams of fibre which is the equivalent of eating 3 cups of broccoli, 4 cups of brussle sprouts or 15 plums!?

Blackbeans are so amazingly good for your cardiovascular system, digestive tract and your blood sugar regulatory system. Their skins contain high levels of phytonutrients, called anthocyanins, which is found in all antioxidant rich foods. The anthocyanins decrease the risk of heart disease & cancer. They also will help the prevention of macular degeneration by protecting the eyes from free radical damage and by increasing circulation and stabilizing collagen structures.

Pretty cool hey.

So, I was after a super quick, super healthy lunch that would be light, filling and inspiring, so I made my Garden Salad with blackbean noodles. It did the trick and was very quick to make.


What you need:

I literaly went out into the garden and picked a mix of greens and edible weeds, then mixed through my noodles with a bit of oil & a big sqeeze of lime- so you could create your personalized garden salad as a base.
The main leaves I used were silverbeet, kale & womboc.
Mix through 1/2 packet of cooked blackbean spaghetti (can be found in wholefood stores)
1/4 avo
1 leaf red cabbage
a few cherrie tomatoes
1 sheet of dried seaweed (sut into ribbons with scissors)
1 lime

What you do:

I cheated a bit and grabbed my already cooked noodles from the fridge- but seriously- they only take about 3 mins to cook.
I washed all my fresh veggies and herbs, scattered them into a bowl, added my noodles, seasoned with oil, lime and salt, mixed, served, ate!


Plus it's a very pretty dish!

Travels well if you make in the morning and take with you.


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