Monday, 15 October 2012

Welcome to Hollywood!

Well... I'm here!

Ive had a great first day in LA.

Before I left Melbourne, I made sure that I had plenty of amazingly delicious and nutritious snacks to keep me going during the flight.
I had a good chunk of my Lentil & Buckwheat Loaf, some Baked Falafels, raw choc, raw superfood snacks, a heap of water, banana, orange and a pumkin and oat slice.

The day before I flew out, I made sure that I gave my system a massive flooding of raw nutrients, I had 2 big carrot, beetroot, celery, lemon and ginger juices, a big green smoothie topped with coconut and raw unrefined cacao, a big bowl of veg soup and heaps of fresh fruit through the day.

It was a massive week, both emotionally, physically and mentally- I was getting tired and needed a big reboot to stop myself getting run down and sick.
I also felt that by doing this, I travelled better and had heaps of energy for 1 hour sleep and a big first day in LA.

So- look after yourself before traveling!!

I arrived in sunny LA this morning greeted by the beautiful Jacinta yellad- we dropped my stuff off at our studio apartment, then hit Hollywood up for an AMAZING fresh food farmers market.

I topped my body up with an amazing fresh juice with ginger, cayenne, lemon and cane grass- Then i had a filling green juice packed full of coconut, spinage, kale and other super ingredients!!
MMMMM This gave me the enegry I needed to get organic grocceries from the beautiful outdoor market.

We then headed to another market- found a delicious lunch at Veggie Grill- We shared a masive kale and walnut salad, quinoa and sweet potato chips!!

We stumbled upon a MASSIVE clothes, furniture and other stuff market that had really incredible and beautiful things (I only brought 2 beautiful items of clothing!- it was HARD!!)

Then, to finish our adventure off- we went to Wholefood market- my dream come true!!- It's a supermarket that only has organic, health foods, wholefoods, super foods etc.. I could'nt believe my eyes!!

So when you travel, ask questions, do some research and you can have really amazing finds and you can still thoroughly look after yourself!!

Light dinner tonight- in this heat, I might just have some of my INCREDIBLE tomatoes I got from the first market trip today!


Yoga tomorrow!


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