Friday, 12 October 2012

See You in LA

So lovely people... I've finished up my last tour and shows with Lux Radio Theatre- So long Scarlett and Gone With The Wind.

Such a great couple of shows to go out on.

I stayed in the lovely Queenscliff for a night, I found a beautiful Raw Ingredient cafe/store on the main street that had amazing raw energy balls!! mmm

I brought my snacks, cooked buckwheat, raw veg, lentil loaf, fruit and coconut water to keep me going!

So,,, as you might know,  I'm heading to LA TOMORROW MORNING!!! yahoo!

I will be greeted by the very beautiful Jacinta Yelland (fellow aussie actor) and we will be hanging out in Silver Lake, having food and acting adventures- I will keep you posted.

We are both performing in a theatre show in Melbourne when we get back- so we'll be able to work on it together whilst we're away.


This was my 'lunch on the road'- I made it in the morning in my hotel room: it has buckwheat, radish, boc choy, red cabbage, cherrie tomatoes & lentils.... Quick easy, raw & on the go! (i pre cooked the lentils and buckwheat at home and kept it in the fridge at the hotel).

   See you in LA!! X

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