Wednesday, 10 October 2012

Raw Sauerkraut Salad

Yep... Sauerkraut. Hmmm you say... really Tegan, REALLY??

Yes my pretties- really.

For some reason, recipes and info on the benefits of sauerkraut have been finding their way to me very frequently lately. It got to the point where I randomly strolled into a fruit and veg store for a veg juice- a store that I've never been to before and strangely I just followed my feet straight into an isle full of sauerkraut- "OK" I said- "I'll get the KRAUT!"

This got me interested, so I re-researched the health benefits, this is what I found...

A tablespoon a day is vital for your health.
Raw kraut helps colonize your colon :) (yes), with healthy bacteria that helps digest your food. (remember I've been feeling yuck lately from my over eating and over indulging!! thankyou body and intuition).
The kraut helps all digestive problems- cramps, flatulence, diarrhea and constipation.
Raw kraut also maximizes the ability to absorb vitamin B12.. awesome.

So, I've created a lovely and fresh raw salad that really subtly balances the sourness and full on flavour of sauerkraut. Here goes:


What you need:

a couple of raddishes shaved
some peas blanched
snow peas
flat leaf parsley chopped
some cherrie tomatoes sliced
sprouted quinoa* (or regularly cooked quinoa)
sauerkraut- about a tables spoon- but add to your own taste

What you do:

*for sprouted quinoa, a couple of days before, soak quinoa for a couple of hours, rinse well then pop into a bowl for 8-12 hrs, then rinse well again. You can repeat the process or pop in the fridge. Sprouted quinoa isn't essential for this recipe- nothing is!! I just had some in my fridge because I had been experimenting!!

Start with cutting your tomatoes and with a bit of salt, pop in a bowl to let the juices begin to run.
chuck all the ingrediants on top of the tomatoes, drizzle with oil and add more salt. Give a good mix and let sit for a few minutes- the longer you leave it, the better the flavours infuse. The sweetness of the peas and tomato balance the sauerkraut really nicely.

Very quick and refreshing salad that's great for you guts!!

Try it yourself!


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