Tuesday, 23 October 2012

Santa Monica Dreaming

Ive now explored Santa Monica... Soo nice

Im really loving how easy it is to eat healthily, raw, vegan, organic, juices, smoothies, sweets etc in LA.


Well we started our day by jumping into hot yoga in a studio in SM- it was so great. We've been yogaing but not hot yogaing here.. felt like having a good sweat.

We then walked through the market where I grabbe the yummiest home grown organic apples mmm

we then popped down to the end of the pier for our home cooked lunch- buckwheat, beetroot, baby yellow carrots, beans, asparagus & zucchini mmmm.

We grabbed a massive green smoothie with berries and hemp protein in the arvo and worked on our scripts- it was great. Had vegan enchiladas for dinner then headed to a screening of "Wake In Fright" which also had a Q&A with the director. Big day!!

Ofcoarse.. I have been very busy exploring eatinng, walking, making new friends and enjoying myself over here.

If you're heading to or are already in LA- get to cafe Gratitude- its absolutely incredible and also well priced!

I hope you're all happy well and doing what you love.

Iv'e been eating out a lot so there's not a lot to write about in terms of recipes but I will get bthere SOON!

Peace out x

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