Wednesday, 17 October 2012

My Massaged Kale & Colorful Salad


Jacinta and I stormed the farmers markets on my first day here! It was wonderful!

Here's a beautiful, bright, fresh and substantial salad celebrating our wares!

I've been lucky enough to get purple kale, dark green kale (Italian Cabbage), purple, pink and yellow baby potatoes and a rainbow of heirloom tomatoes!!

Its very exciting!


What you need:

a few baby potatoes
a few or one large tomato
handful of snow peas
two good handfuls of kale- try to get more than on variety
1/2 lemon

What you do:

Pop the potatoes on- prick them a couple of times with a knife and boil them in salted water until jst cooked through- then slice in to discs.

Chop the kale into strips, then with a tiny bit of oil, massage each strip (the oil makes it easier).

Slice the tomatos into discs and cut the snow peas by slicing the outer strands off, so the snow peas will be halfed length ways.

Season with salt and lemon.

Mix EAT!

Its very satisfying shopping at markets then cooking with the goodies- especially if they're different colors to what you're used to!!


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