Saturday, 22 September 2012

Sunday Smoothie Goodness

Well, It's Sunday.

I set my alarm early, but alas... I actually didnt hear my alarm, so I slept in...It's Sunday OK!! You can get away with being lazy on a Sunday (unless your filming, rehearsing or performing!).

I think it's because I've been yogaing like mad and my body needed a rest :)

I was SUPER hungry when I woke up though!!

Lately I've had smoothie envy. There have been beautiful posts on 'Earthsprout' with BOWLS of green smoothie with delicious toppings on top!!! mmmmmm

SO! Today was the day!

After my big hot lemon water, I popped my fry pan on the stove, plopped a bit of coconut oil would, then I scattered some organic oats in the pan with a 1/4 of the big banana I put in my smoothie, put a good spoon of raw cacao powder on top and scattered some sunflower seeds in as well.

It didn't take long to heat, melt and toast these goodies- about 1-2 minutes.

I then set it aside to cool while I made my green smoothie (today I had rice milk, big banana, chia seeds, a few stalks of italian cabbage, kale, 1/2 celery stick & 1/2 a big lemon).

It was time to pour my green magic into a BOWL!! then top with my savoury flavouring.

The oat mix was lovely and savoury- I didn't add any sugar, the only sweetness was from the tiny bit of banana I added which just took the edge off. The real sweetness was in the smoothis itself! The flavours and textures all worked beautifully together.

It was a beautiful rustic sight to behold and equally delicious!

I am happy.


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