Saturday, 22 September 2012

Weekend of Garden Delights

Well, Hello spring!!

I've had the most wonderful day off in the garden!

If you love fresh fresh food straight from the garden, then this one's for YOU!

But "wait", I hear you say... "I live in the city, in a flat, and I have no time as is it to be gallivanting in a garden- little own start one!!!" "ARGH Tegan what are you takling about!!??"


Firstly, STOP! Be quiet! Relax breathe..

Secondly, I too am very busy. I too live in the city, in an apartment- a tiny little bedsit to be exact!
But wait! There is a solution!!

All, please welcome

This is what my partner and I are part of.

People who own land but don't want to garden, put their garden on this site, then it's up to you to accept the challenge and start gardening!

Now still I hear you cry, "I don't have the time!"

Well then, make it a weekend project and get a group of your friends together and start a plot together, so if you're performing for a month, or heading over to LA- it will all be covered and tended for.
It's all up to YOU and the power of your mind to get it happening!!

Today for lunch I had a beautiful mix of my gardens finest.

I picked the veg, washed it, then sliced, chopped, placed the fresh beauties into a big bowl, lightly sprinkled with salt and drizzled some light flavoured oil & served it up straight away with a side of gorgeous black bean spaghetti (only takes 5 mins too cook!!) .

We sat in our courtyard, in the shade, relaxed and enjoyed our super fresh, super fast food!!



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