Saturday, 22 September 2012

My 10 Day Yoga Challenge

I love yoga.

I really really do.

BUT, sometimes I am too tired, too busy and sometimes a little bit lazy. Yes I know thats very hard to imagine- but hey, I'm only human, plus I'm a massive home body!!

My yoga membership ran out about a fortnight ago!!! ARGH

My body has been feeling the sluggish laziness- enoughs enough!!

My goal in life (well, one of my goals) is to head to yoga 5 times a week!
But what usually ends up happening is me only making 4 sessions a week- which seems to really work for my body.
If I'm filming all week, then it usually slows down to 3ish times a week. This is ok.

My first week of non yoga was fine- I was filming and couldn't have made it any way- the second on the other hand...

Well I feel uncomfortable in my skin and I'm not digesting my food as well as I should. I like to eat lots and bodies were meant to move.

SO!! enough of this Lolly gagging... TO THE YOGA STUDIO!!!

But wait! I am an actor... which translates to- I AM BROKE (therefore, no money for yoga renewal).


It's ok... I have a plan..

If you're broke like me, or want to try yoga for the first time, If you head to a new studio and sign up (it's free and doesn't tie you down to anything), the studio usually has an intro offer, which goes something like... $19 for the first class (normal price), then you get the next 10 consecutive days of free unlimited yoga!


So that's what I have done...

I just finished my 2nd of the 10 days... I feel better already!

I challenge myself to completing the 10 days of consectutive yoga.



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