Sunday, 16 September 2012

Morning Ritual: Dry Body Brushing

Who here brushes their hair everyday? ... Not me!

Who here brushes their body everyday?
...I do!

Why don't I brush my hair everyday?.. It looks better messy and I don't have a brush!

Why do I brush my body everyday?..

Well I do have a body brush AND... because dry body bushing boots circulation and stimulates the lymphatic system to release toxins.

It also improves muscle tone and reduces puffiness and cellulite (I'm ready for my close up Mr Dermil). Plus brushing your body will leave you with a bright youthful glow as it scrubs off the dead skin cells that clog poures and encourage cell renewal.

Skin is the largest detoxification organ. A slow elimination of toxins through the skin burdens your internal organs- especially the liver (and I know actors can drink!).

So, tell me Tegan, How do you 'Dry Body Brush'?

Well firstly you need to get yourself a natural body brush with firm bristles (brushes can be found at health food stores and organic whole food stores).

When you have your brush at the ready, start by brushing your legs in a cicular motion, from your toes to the top of your leg.

Then in a simular fashion, brush your arms from your finger tips to your shoulder top.

Give your bum a go by sarting at the checks and working your way up the back, to the neck and shoulders.

Brush your collar and chest, stroking towards your heart, then finish by brushing your tummy anti clock wise from th belly button out.

Thats it!- only takes a couple of minutes, then your free to jump into the bath or shower.

*always brush your bod before a bath or shower.
**give your brush a good rinse and clean every few days.

Go on!

Get your glow on! :)