Friday, 14 September 2012

A day (off) in the life of... Me

So, as I've been spreading the green word of health on set, I've been asked by other actors what a typical day (on the plate) looks like to me.

I'm going to share with you all what my typical day at home is like. When I have things on, I try to stick to this as closely as possible, but sometimes the order of things are switched around, but you'll get the gist.

Buckle up & here we go!


I wake up, head to the kitchen & oil pull with organic, cold pressed coconut oil. (coconut oil is very high in salycilates, so if you're super sensitive, use another oil- just make sure it's cold pressed and organic).


I finish oil pulling, then I 'tongue scrape' (scrape tongue with a soup spoon from back to front, rinse after each scrape) & thoroughly clean my teeth.

I have a hot cup of water, followed by a warm cup of water with 1/2 a squeezed lemon. Make sure the lemon water isn't boiling. Boiling water will kill all of the vitamin c and other goodies lemons contain.



I sit outside. I breathe. I clear my mind & open my crown chakra. I connect to the universe and my guides. (YES REALLY)


I head to the bathroom, dry body brush my body, then have a bath flavored with Epsom salts and a few drops of chamomile oil (great for eczema).
If I'm heading out I'll have a shower instead.


Breakfast!! My green smoothie!! YAY
My green smoothie generally consists of:
A few stalks of kale
A celery stick
A few leaves of Boc Choy
A banana
2 tsp cashew spread
1 lime
Rice milk
tblsp chia seeds

If I'm really hungry, I'll blitz a small handful of organic oats before adding the other ingredients.


Cup of chamomile tea.


Generally around this time I need a snack. I like to nibble on my energy balls, a raw carrot and a few raw snow peas.



I eat lunch around midday- depends on what I'm doing.
Your metabolism is firing during the hours of 10am-2pm, so it's best to have a big meal at lunch.

I usually have a big raw salad mixed with quinoa, lentils or brown rice. If I have a lentil & nut loaf in the fridge (which I always do), I'll have a slice with butter spread on top.

If I'm in rehearsals, I'll either make salad the night before or in the morning and pop it into a tub to take with me.

If there's soup in the fridge (which there always is), I might have that instead of a salad, and i still have the lentil & nut loaf on the side- just depends on what my body needs. I take thermos with me to rehearsals so I can still have a warming and nourishing meal on the go.


Cup of chamomile or dandelion tea.

If I'm at rehearsals or on set I always bring tea bags from home so I know my needs will be met. Most other teas are very high in salycalates and unit never seems to offer chamomile.
I also always bring my 'keep cup' so I don't have to use the nasty polystyrene and plastic cups they have on set- bad for you and bad of the environment.


I am usually hungry again by now so I'll either have my yummy veg juice, filled with:

A carrot
1/2 a beetroot
Celery stick
1/4 fennel bulb

- sometimes red cabbage, a purple carrot or 1/2 a Boc Choy bulb & 1/2 a lemon.

Or if I don't feel like a juice, (or if I'm out) I'll nibble on a raw corn cob and a tomato or cherrie tomatoes. Or I'll have a nice pig out on rice crackers drizzled with oil & sprinkled sea salt.

4:30 or 5pm

Hot yoga! Yay!

I practice Hatha yoga in a hot room (30ish degrees) for an hour.

After my yoga practice I enjoy a coconut water to restore and rehydrate my body.

I'f I'm filming all day I might head to morning yoga at 6:30am- so my morning routine alters a bit.

6 or 6:30pm


Depends on how I feel.
Might be soup, might be salad with a pulse/legume, might be my stuffed cabbages or roasted veggies (I love potatoes!). Tea usually depends on what I chose to eat for lunch and how inspired I am to cook.


Another herbal tea


Warm rice milk with cocoa.
Warms my tummy and is a tasty protein treat to help send my body to sleep.
This beautiful beverage is completely sugar free and soooo good for you!


I go to SLEEP! YAY

If I don't have to work late or be out for work, I go to bed early.

During the day I drink at least 2 liters of filtered and/or mineral water.

Mineral water is my best friend when I'm performing or on set- it really rehydrates my body and refreshens my mind more than normal water.

Also when I'm on set or out and about, coconut water is my best friend for and energy boost and rehydration. Just make sure it's organic with no added sugars or preservatives.
* coconut water is the only part of the coconut that isn't high in salycilates. YAY!

I make sure that I wait at least 30 min before & after eating, to drink my teas and water.

If you drink and eat at the same time, your body doesn't digest food properly and the body won't receive the intended nutrients you're feeding yourself. Your stomach absorbs the water and the food has to wait to be broken down. During this time the food will ferment and start to go off while it waits to be digested. Not good.

Also, I never eat fruit after a meal. Fruit digests much faster than other foods. If eaten as desert, it will sit on top of the other food and ferment while it waits to be processed. Not good.

Always eat fruit on an empty stomach.

Remember- this is a general guide. From day to day I listen to my body and feed it what it needs. I don't feed my mind and ego. If I want some potato chips, I'll have potato chips (not all the time though!!) I just make sure I read the ingredients and make sure the chips are as pure as possible.