Monday, 24 September 2012

10 Day Yoga Challenge Day 4 & The Benifits Of Yoga

I can definately feel my legs. Especially my thighs. Good work bikram!!

Just have to say that this is the first time I've practiced Bikram.
I've always been a bit scared of going.. 40 degrees, 90 mins- sounds like torture. BUT! I faced my fears and went.

I usually practise hot yoga, but with a Hatha and power flow practise for only 60 mins and in a 30ish degree room. (so I was well prepared for the bikram!)

When I toddled into the yoga room and introduced my self to Bikram- I was pleasantly suprised. The 90 mins for me still actually only felt like 60, and the actual practise felt quite kind to the body. I was imagining an Astanga practise (aerobic & fast paced) in a very hot room. But no, I was wrong... and there was lot's of resting poses during the practise. :)

The benefits of practising yoga in a hot room are:

Promotes sweating, which is a detoxification process.
Stimulates your T-cell count and boost your immune system.
You can stretch your muscles much further to really reap the benefits of each pose.
The heat promotes the breakdown of fatty acids, which will help you to maintain your weight.
Develops stamina, focus & meditation.
Activates your metabolism.
Promotes the rebuilding of injured tissue.

General Yoga benifits are:

Relieves tension, stress, revitalizes and assits overcoming many emotional and physical problems, neck and back problems, depression, builds stamina & focus, centers and grounds your mind and body and brings vital balance and and restores your system back to optimum health.

All this is amazing news, but you just need to make sure that you feed your body with wonderful fresh and nutritious foods and drinks, drink plenty of filtered and mineral water and if you've been sweating a lot- or even on set under hot lights and lots of make up for long periods of time- top up on COCONUT WATER!!!

Give yoga a go!

It might not be your cup of tea.. maybe if you're starting out, start with 3 days a week and build up from there.

Be kind to yourself!



Kerith said...

My housemate and I are going to Bikram Yoga in Richmond tomorrow and getting the 10 day introduction pass! YES.

xx Kerith

apurplecarrot said...

Just remember not to eat 2hrs before you go- otherwise you'll feel sick.
take it easy on yourself and treat yourself to a coconut water!

drink lots of water through the day
& enjoy xxx
I'll be posting another post tomorrow morning in regards to my yoga challenge :)