Tuesday, 9 July 2013

Sprouted lentil salad

After my amazing week away, I felt so good. Relaxed, my skin was looking good (I've had extreamly bad ezcema over my body), my digestion was really good. Then I came back... real life, my birthday, mums birthday- all really great, but lot's of over eating, bad digestion, which lead to skin breakouts, which lead to stress, holding my breath, not doing my daily charkra medition and cleanse, no money, bills pilling up, which worsens bad digestion, skin, stress etc.

So I've had a full week of being back, gone through a body shut down, know it's time to bring back the healing environment I set up for myself when away.
Im eating my raw foods, only eating what I need, I'm bring back my mindful slow eating- it's incredible how fast this practice left me when I came back to Melbs- but even more incredible how quickly my body broke down. Daily meditaion is back, yoga, walking, water etc. Also no booze! Since i've been working on healing my liver and kidneys over the past few months, obviously I obstained from drinking- also I honestly didn't feel like it. Over my birthday week, I had only 2 drinks- on different days, I felt awful the next day and really craved junky foods because of it- not good!

So, here's a recepie to help us all recconnect to delicious, simple, raw food. It also features my sprouted lentils!

small bundle of boc choy chopped
small hadfull of grated cauilflower
1 small turnip grated
half lemon
drizzle of extra virgin olive oil
half green apple grated
as many sprouted lentils as you want

Pre sprout your lentils. *instructions here: http://apurplecarrot.blogspot.com.au/2013/07/health-benefits-of-sprouting.html
Then all you need to do is grate and chop, squeeze and drizzle, stir, season the EAT!

Super good for your and SO refreshing!


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