Monday, 17 June 2013

Purple kale and brussel sprouts

So as I mentioned yesterday, I had a full and awesome weekend.
After filming on Saturday, I needed to make a super quick and nourishing dinner while getting ready to go out, at the same time, to a 'black tie event', and keep calm at the same time! Argh!
It was a juggle, but I made it!

I had pre soaked some lentils the day before so they just needed draining and a quick cook. At the same time I wipped on the oven to 200, washed and cut my little baby brussle sprouts in half, added some left over eggplant from the fridge, doused them in coconut oil and sea salt and popped them in the oven. Then I popped myself in the shower!!

So, inbetween drying my hair, doing my make up and getting dressed, I checked on my food... all was good. Everything took about 20mins max to cook- by that stage I was mostly ready.

Just before taking my lentils off the heat and my veggies out of the oven, I washed and shredded my purple kale. I popped it in a big bowl, drizzled a little oil, and squeezed half a lemon on top, then I massaged my kale so it was yummy and easier to eat.

To finish, I just chucked everything together, seasoned with extra salt and lemon and served with toasted rye bread. DONE- with time to spare!!!

The following day Brett and I went to Sorrento for the day, to chill out and visit some friends. I had lots of leftover dinner from the night before, so to plump it up, I went out to our little garden and picked a good mix of green to add to our meal. There was boc choy, cos, roquett, spinage and herbs. We went to the bakery for fresh baguette and set off down the coast!!!

It was soooo good!

 To top and awesome weekend off, brett took me to Yong Green Food for dinner AGAIN!!! So spoilt!


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