Wednesday, 17 October 2012

Fresh Herb Salad & a big day in LA

I had a busy day today....

Up at 6:30 for meditation, down to the juice bar for an AMAZING juice packed with beetroot, celery, ginger, kale, lemon and broccoli at 7:30, where I also sat out the front in the morning sun and worked on my script.
Yoga at 9:15, home for shower, snack (delicious banana)- Then Jacinta and I planned our day ahead!
A busy roaming day- so I needed a quick and healthy lunch that I could pop into a tub and head out (which did'nt end up happening- I ate it on the spot!

After lunch we headed to Hollywood Blvd for a wander and shop- It was hot and we walked a lot! It was wonderful but by about 3:30-4... I needed a pep up (it very HOT here)- SO we headed to an amazing vergan cafe on Sunset Blvd and had the most beautiful fresh juices (I had kale, grapefruit, grapes, parsley and apple in mine) and we had a hummus plate that was soooo generously full with- yes- hummus, quinoa salad, green salad and olives- it was huge, but just what we needed to conquor the world (or LA).

After our amazing recharge, we wandered home via a lovely farmers market, where yes- I wanted to but EVERYTHING IN SIGHT!!
We tried the best hemp milk in the world- which we're going back for next week because we just brought rice milk! DOH!
We also got our hands on really delicious iced tea that was made from 100% live and raw Kombucha infused with fresh pears and probiotics. Very refreshing and incredibly good for us!
We also stumbled upon a great crystal stand and got some very beautiful and powerful stones- YAY LA FARMERS MARKET!

Back home and all of a sudden it was 6! how the time flies!

We headed to the Vista- an amazing movie cinema with just one screen, where for a month or so, they just play the one movie! We saw Argo- Awesome! please do seee it eople- especially film makers, based on a true story and just over all brilliant. BUT my favourite part of the experience was the cinemas itself!
For Melbournians- it was like the forum but instead of gothic, we were in Egypt- there were massive lit heads of Egyptian ladies lining the walls, snakes adoring everything, a massive red velvet curtian covering the screen (ok- maybe that was'nt Egyptian!) and there was really full on theatrical music playing- music along the lines of something from Dracular or Frankenstine...


By the time we got home, I was ready for bed- but to quite my growling belly we had some of our newly purchased iced tea and avocado and lemon on a rice cracker (topped with lots of himalayan sea salt mmmmm).

So anyway, back to my Fresh Herb Salad!!


What you need:

big handful of parsley
big handful of corriander
a tomato-i used a black russian
I tried a weird tomato that I think you can only get here, I cant remember it's name but it tastes like cider and woshtershire sauce!!
handul of blached green beans
chunk of cucumber
a lemon
a cup of quinoa (i used both white and red)
chopped red onion- to your liking

What you do:

I cooked my quinoa in the morning before yoga because I had the time- plus i didnt want a hot salad.
So- cook the quinoa whenever you please.

Chop all the ingredients, season, squeeze lemon and drizzle oil and mix.
lightly blanch the beans (either pour boiling water over and let sit for a few mins- or boil some water in a pot, then pop the beans in and cook for about 2 mins then drain.) I like the beans to be still a bit crunchy.

Mix and serve! EAT!!!!!


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