Friday, 28 September 2012

Oh Spuds!

So you're running about like a crazy- zipping all over the city to get things done, audition, work and you've been yoga-ing up a storm. I bet you're hungry.

MMMM It's time for quick baked Spuds!

I got home from hot yoga at 6pm- and since I don't enjoy eating late, it was time for a quick healthy dinner!
I was a step ahead though (of course!!!- very important). I par boiled a few whole potatoes- with the skin on for 15 mins before I left for yoga- leaving them to sit in the hot water with a lid on (stove off!) while I bent and stretched with bikram.

When I got home- I crammed the oven to 200- drained the spuds, lighty scored the tops, then chucked them in the oven- as they were, with no tray, oil, seasoning or foil.

While they baked (20 mins max)- I had a fresh juice, showered and prepared the fresh toppings.

I know baked spuds isn't the most orginal idea- but I do think it's a lost idea, or even deemed a god forbid "fattening" idea.


Potatoes have a bad wrap- I'm here to tell you that they're actually really good you!!- unless you deep fry them or smother them with butter and cream of coarse!- or unless you have diabetes.

Potatoes contain all 22 amino acids that turn into complete proteins after digesting. This makes digesting a much easier job for your body.

They are extremly high in potassium - even more than bananas- which is vital in balancing the acid load in your body.

They are super rich in vitamin C & B6.

The skins have 60 different kinds of phytochemicals and are packed with fiber and potassium- so you must eat the skins!!

I topped my spuds with grated raw beetroot, carrot, corn, red cabbage, munbeans, greens from the garden, asparagus and peas.

After stacking the goodies on the potato, I gave everything a good sqeeze of lime, a drizzle of oil and a sprinkle of salt. YUM!

If you're prepared- this is a super quick dinner- you could even boil the potatoes while you get ready in the morning or the night before!
I've been sending my parnter off to rehearsals with a lunch box packed with my stuffed spuds- they're keeping him going strong!! (can't wait to see the show!!)

Also- get creative with the toppings X

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