Saturday, 29 September 2012

Help Quitting Coffee

If you're a big coffee lover and your body seems to cope well with it (be honest!) and you drink it in moderation, then good for you!! Look away NOW!

BUT... If the following sounds like you, DONT LOOK AWAY!

This post goes out to all the coffee crazed actor's of the world, that live off of coffee and drink it at any chance they get. This post is especially for those of you that actually cannot function without your morning fix... think headaches, muscle aches, general aches and bad detox symptoms if your morning coffee is late...

For 8 years I worked in hospitality- yes, the actors dream (unpaid work so more work on the side, generally in a cafe. Yes, the cliche).

This meant that I had all the free coffee I wanted at my finger tips.

I was a big coffee lover. I would drink two double esspressos every morning (more through a cafe working day) pretending I was french!
"But coffee is good for you", I'd say.. "It's High in antioxidants!!"- Well maybe, but it actually wasn't great for my body.

Coffee is extremely acidic. I've said it before and I'll say it again, an acidic body is the PERFECT playground for disease and illness.

Coffee is also extremely dehydrating. The work actors do is thirsty work as it is without having to conquor dehydration. Also milk is almost the worst thing in the world for your body, so if you drink milk with your coffee, your asking for trouble.

I would always be stressed, fatigued and ended up in hospital twice in 3 years during drama school (first with a bleeding stomach ulcer, second with VERY sick kidneys).
Unfortunatley I exchanged food for coffee, in hopes of being a glamorous skinny movie star... not a great idea for my body, mind, spirit or general health of my organs and body image.

Now I'm not saying everyone should quit coffee immediately- But I was asked by a very beautiful and extremely busy Melbourne actor, with help on detoxing coffee.

I think it's a good idea for a lot of actors to cut down in general- have a fresh juice instead..
I've been on a couple of film sets recently and between all the 'waiting around' and unit there to serve your every need, I noticed that everyone was consuming way too much coffee to keep them going and "for something to pass the time".  This is not good!

I pack a little herbal tea luchbox with both chamomile and dandelion tea bags. I also always have my 'for keeps cup'- please don't use the plastic and polistyrine cups that are offered- they break down and you end up drinking a host of chemicals... not great. Plus having your own cup is way better for the environment.

I'm sensitive to salycilates. Coffee is extremely high in salycilates. My body was making me get rid of coffee- and I'm grateful for it. I'm healthier, I have MORE energy and I'm happier.

I'm going to let you in on how I detoxed from coffee, BUT keep in mind that everyone is different and will go through and need different things.

I started gradually. I could've gone cold turkey, but I wanted to make sure this was going to stick and I wanted to be kind to myself!

I started by getting a few special herbal teas that would make my brain think that I was giving it a treat (and I was!) so I didn't feel like I was missing out. Not only will your body crave the caffine, it will crave the routine of drinking coffee, so you need a substitute.

I began by cutting out one of my morning coffees and replacing it with a decafe.
This helped ween my body off the caffine.
I really suggest incorparating more fresh veggie juices & your chosen herbal teas to your diet during the inicial detox period.

After about a week of this, I decided to do a really gentle detox. Make sure you have a good 48hrs free to do this- it's worth it!!

Basically it's a great way of flushing toxins and pumping your body FULL of amazing nutrients. Plus you're doing something really positive for yourself and your health.

Here's some inspiration of herbal teas to get you started!!

DANDELION: Dandelion roots act as a blood purifier that helps both your kidneys and liver to remove impurities. It's high in potassium, improves your appetite and digestion.

PEPPERMINT: Improves digestion, eases nausea & vomiting, reduces heatrburn, dissolves gallstones, fights bad breath, releaves stress and acts as a pain reliever.

GINGER: relieves nausea, combats motion sickness, helps digestive processes, helps inflammation, reduces dizziness, limits farts, controls chronic pain, eases muscle aches & rheumatoid arthritis, minimises cold symptoms, allergies & other respitory symptoms.

ROOIBOS: Rich in minerals, promotes healthy skin, teeth & bones. High in antioxidants & is great for longevity.

ROSEHIP: One of the best sources of vitamin C, which is great for you immune system, skin and tissue health and adrenal function.


Go on! See how you go :)

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