Thursday, 27 September 2012

My Super Quick, Super Kind Spring Lunch With Sea Weed Noodles

So hopefully, you've just read my blog about the day of kindness I gave myself.. If you didn't, I spoke about a super quick, kind, light and filling lunch that made me feel so comforted and happy in my bones :)

Heres the recipe- it's VERY easy, quick and could be created completely raw, but my body felt like it needed to eat very lightly blanched veg instead of raw.

This is another perfect 'lunchbox meal' to take with you on your busy days and it's extra light, so you wont have to worry about fitting into your costume!

What you need:

Quinoa (I used both red and white because I was feeling festive- the choice is yours!)
a few pods of broadbeans
handful of green beans
a few asparagus shoots
1/2 bulb of boc choy
sunflower seeds toasted
1 sheet of dried sea weed (sushi sheets)
savoury yeast flakes (optional)
*snow peas would be great with this, but alas, I ate them all as I was peparing!

What you do:

Give your quinoa a good wash (soak if you have time) then cook in a pot of boiling water for about 10 mins. Then drain and pop back into the pot and cover with a lid for about 10-15 mins.

During this stage, toast your seeds on high heat in a dry pan. Set aside to cool.

Pop all the greens excluding boc choy and sea weed into a bowl and top with freshly boiled water. Chuck a lid ontop, then after about 3 mins, drain and slice your veg to desired size (pod your broad beans, skin them then chop the pod- I used the WHOLE food!)
Add the boc choy (sliced) drizzle with tamari and a bit of oil, then fold the sheet of sea weed into quarters and cut into ribbons, add to the veg.
Give everything a good mix.

*optional stage of adding 2 tblsp of dried savoury yeast flakes to quinoa- just stir it in!

Place the quinoa on a plate, top with veggies, then garshish with toasted seeds and more dry sea weed (cut smaller in length).





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