Thursday, 27 September 2012

My Delicious Day Of Rest


This morning I felt completely stuffed!

Time for a rest.

Very luckily for me, today I had the opportunity to sompletely switch off and recharge.

I chose not to go to yoga (BUT IM NOT FINISHED MY 10 DAY YOGA CHALLENGE!!!- you know what- it it ok!), but to be kind and nourishing to myself all day.

I had a commitment mid morning so I was able to have a leisurely green smoothie breakfast- outside!!! (such an incredible day in melbourne today!).

I came home and rested- put on some classical music and napped for a while, had a delicious, super quick and very light and filling lunch (outside!!), sat in the sun, had another rest, then read outdoors all afternoon! Brilliant!

I feel so much better for it! Tomorrow I will be back to yoga and back to business and ready to do so.

When I was reading in the sun, I stumbled across simple and wise words of wisdom that seemed to sum my day up... I'm going to share these words with you too!


The Importance of awareness...

Be aware of your own feelings. Try to understand your reaction to things. Be nondefensive and genlte with yourself. You can have a calmer, more successful and happy life. Give yourself permission to fail, to falter and not to be perfect. Subsequently give yourself permission to try again, succeed and be proud of your accomplishments.
When you hold on too tightly, you squeeze the time from the moment, holding it, repressing it and restricting it's expression and freedom. Open your hands, breathe, trust and allow yourself to flow within the moment. Pain, the pain of wanting, is confusing to the self and your own awareness of who you are. But pain is a sign of change- the potential for growth, insight and renewal.
You must trust your ability to soar, to be freely unjudged. You must release your fear to your faith, turning it over to the great I Am and, in that knowing, realize that you exist at one with all else.

There you go!!

Go love yourself!!


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