Friday, 14 September 2012

My Refreshing Raw Boc Choy Salad

I am very proud of this creation!
It's beautiful, fresh, delicious, quick, easy and is completely raw- so all of the beautiful goodness will immediately be absorbed into the blood stream.

I wrapped early today... So what did I do? Well, after a relaxing & unwinding bath (garnished with chamomile essential oil- great for soothing my eczema), I ran to the kitchen!

Perfect day! Mediation, green smoothie, filming, bath & food :)

I started by cooking up a beautiful meal for dinner tomorrow night (stuffed red cabbage- but more of that later). I finished by creating one of my culinary staples- my cashew dukka, and a sexy salad for dinner.

I was feeling pretty heavy and grounded and didn't really feel like having a warm soup- SO, I rustled around in the fridge for inspiration and created...


What you need:

few leaves of wombok
1 bulb of boc choy
a few leaves of red cabbage
handful of russian red kale
1 lime
tiny drizzle of the oil of your choice

What you do:

Give everything a good wash. Slice all veggies into thin ribbons, chuck into a big bowl. Sprinkle about a tablespoon of dukka on top, drizzle a very small amount of the oil of your choice & squeeze the juice of a big lime then mix.

Time to serve! Thats all you need to do!

I was thrilled to behold and eat this salad. I served it with red quinoa on the side, but it could pretty much go with anything. Eg, haloumi, fish, lentils. Pasta etc...

It will certainly be my go to salad in the heat of summer.

Enjoy x