Wednesday, 19 September 2012

Feast Fiesta Forever

In a pevious post I spoke about the great pleasure I had sharing my Super Energy Balls with and making new friends with beautiful actress, Sunday.

Whilst on set we decided that we needed to spend a day together cooking & sharing and blogging.
Then my boyfriend suggested that we go to the movies with also new friends of ours (his producer and his girlfriend)-(absolutely lovely gorgeous people).

So! I realized that this was a perfect oppurtunity to grow and share my culinary delights. The date was then set for Sunday and I to spend a day cooking together only to unleash it on our new found friends!

Brett (my boyfriend), "What should I say? Come over for vegan food, or for your blog??"
Me (tegan), "Just ask them over for tea :)."

Yes our dinner was a colorful display of beautiful vegan wholefoods!

I was so proud to share Sunday and my new creations.

Here's what we had...

Mixed Mushroom Soup
Sexy San Choi Bow
Raw Garden Salad
Massaged Kale Delight
Twice Cooked Spuds with Charcoal Cauiliflower Crumbs & Dukka
Boozey Carrot Feista
Big Bowl of Buckwheat, Beetroot & B-Parsley

For dessert we indulged with 'My New Roots' & 'Earthsprout's shared recipe
Handmade, Raw Vegan CHOCOLATE!


Then to top it off we went to Nova to watch BEASTS OF THE SOUTHERN WILD. Which was great!

So, I will gradually release our Feast Feista recipes, but for now, I will start with...


What you need:

1/2 cup red quinoa pre cooked (so it's cold)
ice berg lettuce (as much as you want)
1 cup peas (cold)
3 radishes very thinly cliced
a handful of broad bead pods
mung beans
handful shredded red cabbage
small handfull of flat leaf parsley chopped
2 limes
tamari to flavour

What you do:

Cook the quinoa either the night before or morning of.

Steam the broad bean pods, then after about 5 min, shell the pods and peel the skins (don't worry! this is easy to do & doesn't take very long).
Make sure your peas are cold (not frozen).

Chuck everything except the lettuce & one lime into a bowl and mix.
Taste for seasoning, add salt, tamari & lime as you please.

Wash the lettuce and carefully tare and pull apart little leattuce leaf cups and arrange on a serving plate.

Carefully spoon the mixture into the center of the cups.

When done, serve with the remaining lime cut in half, then squeeze over all parcels.

Thats it.

It's quick, easy, delicious, colorful, Yummy and refreshing.

This will be a definate meal for super hot summer days. You can make a meal out of it, serve it as a starter or as part of a feast such as ours!!

Thanks Sunday x